Along with undertaking our own developments and infrastructure projects, HB+B Property also provides the following services to its clients:

Site Acquisition

Cost Planning

Project Feasibilities


Development and Project Management

Design Development

Finance & Funding


Aged Care

HB+B Property is driven to be a socially responsible entity which improves the quality of the aged care sector. We have a thorough knowledge and experience of the sector, recently completing a 155–bed residential aged care facility for our client Opal Aged Care. We continue to look for opportunities, to partner with aged care operators to develop quality, best in class facility on a turnkey basis across Australia.


Childcare Centres are an essential part of today’s communities with bipartisan support from government. With an increasing number of parents returning and remaining in the workplace along with increased government funding, the demand is growing. HB+B Property has a proven track record of delivering Childcare Centres across Australia. HB+B Property navigate the intricacies of building approvals, development approvals, planning schemes and construction processes associated with childcare development in cities and suburbs across Australia.


Healthcare is complementary to Aged Care & Child Care sectors which HB+B Property operates in and we remain active in pursuing opportunities in the Australian healthcare sector. We streamline healthcare development by negotiating turnkey developments with both operators/tenants and end take-out parties at the conception stage, allowing all parties to be involved in the development process as early as possible.


High Voltage

HB+B Property offer design and construction services for high voltage infrastructure projects often required to ensure the ever expanding requirements for potential tenants are accommodated. With larger and more demanding operations within facilities, there is a strong need to ensure the correct power supply is available. HB+B Property provides the profession experience and knowledge to ensure the design, authority negotiations and construction is achieved.

Channels & Basins

With the demand for larger developments follows the need to ensure development costs and smart spatial planning is maximised. HB+B Property has proven the benefits of these civil solutions via recent stormwater channel and biodiversity storage basin projects. With in-house design and construction capability, these key fundamental infrastructure solutions can be achieved for all scale of developments.


HB+B Property has extensive knowledge of the subdivision process working closely with councils and authorities to achieve the best outcomes for our clients. Incoming infrastructure that is required to service a subdivided site can be quite complex. HB+B Property’s strong understanding of infrastructure requirements will ensure a seamless process from design, approvals and construction for each of the necessary services. HB+B Property will manage every step of the subdivision process from the initial Development Application through to Plan Registration with the Land Registry Services.

RMS Intersections

A pivotal part in any development is the access network connecting it. Ensuring traffic demands are met along with achieving the optimal development capacity is critical. HB+B Property offers planning, design and authority negotiation services to achieve the result necessary. Following approvals, HB+B Property can also construct the compliant works which encapsulates a concept to operation service.

Project Management & Advisory

At its core, HB+B Property are managers. Managers of the company’s reputation, equity and the projects we are involved in. HB+B Property is fully pre-qualified under the NSW Procurement Scheme 0005 Performance and Management Services. The Scheme creates a framework for the pre-qualification of organisations to provide performance and management services to NSW Government Agencies and statutory corporations. This framework is also adhered to when we offer advisory and project management services to private sector clients.